The Los Angeles County Business Federation, BizFed, is a grassroots alliance of more than 210 diverse business groups representing more than 450,000 businesses with nearly 4 million employees across all 88 cities in Los Angeles County.

The Central Valley Business Federation, BizFed CV, is a grassroots alliance of more than 60 diverse business groups mobilizing 30,000 employers that employ 400,000 people in five counties of the Central Valley.

As united federations, we advocate for policies and projects that strengthen our regional economy.

California is one of the most diverse states in the nation and an economic powerhouse in the world. We host some of the largest tech companies, the most fertile farmland, the largest and most ethnically diverse population in the country and host every type of industry and socioeconomic status. We need reliable, sustainable and affordable energy to live, thrive and continue to be the world leader in innovation and change.

Be it natural gas, wind, solar, electricity, hydrogen, petroleum – all play an important role in our day-to-day lives. Energy for All Californians is a campaign dedicated to ensuring all walks of life are being represented in energy policies and reliable, affordable energy is accessible to all.

Our advocacy efforts surround the following principles, and we urge our elected officials and heads of agencies to:

  1. Engage the business community as a partner. California’s business community has always been a source of dynamic leadership, problem-solving, and innovation. Before supporting or proposing solutions to problems, we urge elected officials to reach out to us, so we can work together toward effective solutions. We are constituents, we employ constituents, and our collective success is a mutual proposition.
  2. Moving people out of poverty is a top priority. According to the California Poverty Measure, one in four children in Los Angeles County lives in poverty. While effective, accountable, fiscally-responsible, public programs are necessary short-term solutions to this crisis, the long-term solutions must focus on creating good-paying jobs that grow and sustain the economic vitality of our region; bolstering public education at all levels to help people obtain those jobs; and building enough housing to meet current and future demand.
  3. Consider the cumulative effects of taxes, fees, and regulations on job creation and economic growth. For the past five years, our members have consistently identified new taxes, fees, and regulations as their top concerns. In isolation, individual new tax, fee, or regulatory proposals might seem reasonable. However, the cumulative costs have become a hindrance to California’s economic success. We urge our elected officials to consider how each proposal that crosses their desk will add to or reduce the cumulative burden on the businesses that employ and sustain the quality of life for their constituents.
  4. Don’t pick winners and losers in our economy. Innovation, technology evolution, and consumer demand moves faster than the speed of government. Regulators and policymakers should not give preferential treatment to one technology or business model over others. Regulators and policymakers should encourage the market to innovate while balancing affordability, reliability, cost- effectiveness, and available technology for consumers.

To learn more about the advocacy efforts of BizFed LA and BizFed CV, please visit www.bizfed.org.