Take Action

Here you will find bills, ordinances, or other items at the local, federal, or state level impacting energy affordability and choice. As we list advocacy items throughout the year, we hope you will join us in sending letters, calling our elected officials, and spreading the word!

More info on issues impacting you coming soon.

Stop SB 30 (Cortese)

SB 30 would eliminate renewable gas (RG) as a pathway to decarbonize state-owned buildings and will lock California into an all-or- nothing greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction strategy for state buildings. An all-of-the-above approach to reducing carbon emissions that includes hydrogen and biomethane can help the state achieve its climate goals faster, cleaner, and cost-effectively.

Stop SB 31 (Cortese)

SB 31 risks resulting in state regulators funding only electrification efforts without fully recognizing the role of and need for molecules and the gas grid to achieve the climate policy imperative of net zero emissions, which would be contrary to the public interest and will diminish the prospects for achieving the climate policy imperatives.